Est in 2008 Whirly is the exclusive distributor of GIOBAS Quality Italian Windmills supplying retail stores in Australia and New Zealand
Premium uv stabilised super strong Carnival colourful fun Flora floral designs Eco Promotional Made in Melbourne for events & giveaways

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To enquire or request a quote for Eco Promotional email: admin@whirly.com.au or call: 0404 350 970 

Has been making iconic Italian Windmills in Gattorna Northern Italy since 1953. They are an industry leader in the design and manufacture of European Windmills. 
GIOBAS are known for their exceptional quality globally meeting ISO 9001 / CE testing standards and EN 71 safe toy regulations making their products the best in the world! 

We're so happy to bring this colourful range to Australia & NZ so you can enjoy them as much as we do! 
Premium Range: image @thewondersofplay
Premium Range: image @thewondersofplay