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Est in 2008 Whirly is the exclusive importer - distributor of GIOBAS Quality Italian Windmills supplying retail stores in Australia and New Zealand
Premium uv stabilised - super strong Carnival colourful fun Flora floral designs Eco Promotional Made in Melbourne for events & giveaways

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To enquire or request a quote for Eco Promotional please email: or call: 0404 350 970 

In business for over 60 years the Basso family is an industry leader in the design and manufacture of European Windmills based in Gattorna - Northern Italy
GIOBAS are known for their exceptional quality globally meeting ISO 9001 / CE testing standards and EN 71 safe toy regulations making their Windmills the best in the world! 

We're so happy to bring this range to Australia & NZ so you can enjoy them as much as we do. 
Premium Range: image @thewondersofplay
Premium Range: image @thewondersofplay